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CASES of Country Ham (shipping not included)

  • 12 oz Country Ham Packages - One case $63.00 or half case  $31.50

    • 12 packs per case​

    • Country Ham Slices

  • Biscuit Slices - $5.95/lb

    • One Case, average weight 15 lbs

    • Approximately 175 slices per case

    • Delicious slices from the shank of the hog, second only to the center cut.

  • Center Slices - One Case $6.50/lb

    • Average​ weight 15 lbs

    • Approximately 50 slice per case

    • The center slices are the king of country ham, savory and perfect for almost any meal.

  • One Pound Country Ham Packages - One case $75 or half a case for $37.50

    • 12 1lb packs of country ham

    • One pound of full center slices along with ends or shanks, conveniently vacuum packed for easier storage and use.

  • Whole Country Ham - $48.00

    • Weight between 15 - 17 lbs


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