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Country ham has always been a way of life for our family; we grew up with it. It was a food for family gatherings as well as everyday meals. Country ham brings to each of us a wonderful feeling of home and often reminds us of cherished memories of days gone by. A country ham sharing the table with other home grown foods was something for which everyone was truly grateful. It was only natural that those loving memories inspired the Thomas Brothers to want to share their ‘country’ experience with everyone.

It was on our uncle’s kitchen table that the first whole cured ham was sliced and individually packaged 60 years ago. Shortly after that in September of 1958, Thomas Brothers Ham Company was officially established and the first hams were boned, sliced, packaged and made ready for market. Selling country ham both whole and sliced has become a trademark of the product and still is today.

Curing the hams requires much patience and a dedication to the traditions passed down by our earlier family generations. This slow process of aging the whole hams to desired perfection produces marvelous new flavors and textures unlike those in any other food. The first taste of country ham is big and delicious and the textures are firm with a rich intensity unrivaled by any other meat. Even the tiniest sliver of country ham in any dish brings a sense of luxury, nostalgia and enhanced taste. No wonder Thomas Brothers Country Brand Ham has built a strong following and unparalleled reputation in the marketplace, both in retail and food service throughout the Southeast.

This sense of historical inspiration and market reputation has prompted us to continue the traditions established within this family business some 60 years ago. Quality, tradition, dedication, commitment and hard work are the pillars that Thomas Brothers Country Ham was built upon and which we at Thomas Brothers Foods are enthusiastically devoted to continue.  We strive to make these inspiring food traditions relevant today as we specialize in providing premium quality country ham and meats to our many customers.  

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